5 ways to be eco-friendly during and after lockdown

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5 ways to be eco-friendly during and after lockdown

5 ways to be eco-friendly during and after lockdown


The coronavirus shutdown has already cleared the roads of rush hour traffic as people across the nation ditch their daily commute to work, resulting in reduced air pollution.

Still millions are isolated at home, we can use the hours usually spent commuting to boost this environmental silver lining.

Here is how to make eco-friendly choices while staying at home and for the rest of your life:


1. Grow your own veg

If you have got a garden, or even a window ledge where you can keep house plants, why not invest in seeds for future food?

Lettuce, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, spring onions and tomatoes are all staple ingredients which can be grown in most home gardens.

And all you need are seeds, soil, sunlight and a little water for your sprouting veg.

2. Recycle

With restaurants and cafes closed for the foreseeable future, and no canteen to grab your weekday lunch, it is important to choose your food wisely.

Opting for foods with recyclable packaging and making use of your recycling bin is one easy step to reducing your contribution to landfill.


3. Shop at zero-waste and eco-friendly stores

Even better than recycling packaging is opting for no packaging at all.

As stock pilers target supermarkets, heading for your local zero-waste shop may be the smarter option both for the environment and for your food haul.

Many local shops and independent zero-waste stores are better stocked than the supermarkets at the moment, where people are queuing at the doors. If shopping online, then shop eco-friendly stores.

4. Opt for reusable toiletries

Next time you look to replace your toothbrush, why not go for a bamboo option to help save on plastic waste?

Each person uses an estimated 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime, and a single plastic brush can take thousands of years to decompose, so this small switch can make a large long-term difference. Companies such as The Clean Green Co. offer a large range of eco-friendly and re-usable products including Bamboo toothbrushes perfect alternatives for you to avoid contributing to the plastic pile-up.

Bamboo toothbrush - 10pc Eco Friendly - soft bristle tip charcoal

Bamboo toothbrush - 10pc Eco Friendly - soft bristle tip charcoal

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5. Cook more

Now you have got all this free time on your hands, why not dig out old cook books, or search online for new recipes.

Cooking with fresh ingredients means you are likely to be throwing away less plastic packaging common in microwave or quick-fix meal options, and it usually wields healthier and tastier results.

For more guidance on batch meals you can cook in the isolation period.

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