How to Deal With Your Concerns About Climate Change

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How to Deal With Your Concerns About Climate Change


Climate change is a serious issue indeed. Perhaps what makes it even more troubling is the fact that much of what is happening to us is largely beyond our control. However, that’s not to say we can’t all do our bit to curb the effects of climate change on the environment. Here are some helpful tips from The Clean Green Company on how to deal with your concerns around climate change.

How to Deal with Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

While it's normal to feel distraught by the climatic disasters that are occurring around the globe, we should not let these worrisome thoughts become too all-consuming. However, this is easier said than done when the news says otherwise. So, how does one cope better with the way things are going in the world? Well, the first thing to do is come to a place of acceptance that what is, is. Thereafter, it’s about figuring out what your coping mechanisms will be when you see another breaking news report. Perhaps, you need to talk through your worries with others who may be experiencing similar emotions as you. Or maybe it’s another topic you need to bring up with your therapist if you can’t stop overthinking it. Of course, one of the best ways to overcome anxiety is to simply live in the moment - and appreciate every moment of it.

Combating Climate Change

We can all take simple steps to reduce climate change in our communities and homes. These steps could include:

Reducing Carbon Footprint

It doesn't matter whether you take public transport, carpool, or walk to get to work and back; it’s these little steps that can do the world of good for the environment as a result of reducing your carbon footprint at the end of the day. Try consulting a walk score map to find the best walkable routes nearby. You may find a great route that enables you to start walking to work.

Try replacing common cleaners with homemade green options. You can easily find eco-friendly alternatives for products like air fresheners, all purpose cleaners, detergents, and floor cleaners.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These three principles are crucial in reducing climate change's negative effects and are easy to implement provided you use a fair bit of creativity and ingenuity to do your bit for the planet. Furthermore, recycling is essential if we are to curb the harmful effects of plastic pollution on the environment, whereas reusing or upcycling items can make a massive difference to what ends up in our landfills (and for how long). On the other hand, if you are on a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, you could opt to cut down on your overall meat consumption and choose to adopt a plant-based diet instead.

Reduce Your Water and Energy Consumption

Another way to lower greenhouse gas emissions is to find ways to cut your energy consumption. Solar power can be used to generate energy. Other benefits of using solar-powered energy include that it is renewable energy that never runs out, it has zero impact on the environment, and it gives you the opportunity to get off the grid for a bit, or permanently. 

Building an Eco-Friendly Business

It's never a better time than now to ensure your business is environmentally friendly, by making small changes to the way your business operates so that it is more eco-friendly. Of course, if you are only in the beginning stages of starting a green business, be sure to create a business plan that will highlight your business objectives clearly not forgetting to include other all-important details such as products or services you’ll be offering, funding you’ll need in the beginning, and your financial projections.

You’ll also need to consider how you’ll structure your company. Many new businesses choose to form an LLC for tax purposes, stress-free paper work, and limited liability. There’s no need to hire an attorney when you work with a formation company. You can find online info for the cheapest LLC filing costs. Use those to determine which service offers the right services at the right price.

You can also reduce your business’s carbon footprint by your marketing choices. Instead of relying on paper marketing, go digital! You likely already have a website, which is a great start.

Make Your Own Changes

What is certain is that we will most likely continue to fight the impacts of climate change for some time to come. And if you choose to believe in the best outcome while making practical changes to your daily habits, and even starting your own eco-friendly business, this will, hopefully, provide you with a sense of positivity regarding the outcome of our future.


To reduce your plastic use in everyday life, visit The Clean Green Company for greener natural alternatives!

Written by Shirley Martin

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