How to Reduce the Use of Single Plastic

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How to Reduce the Use of Single Plastic

In many everyday situations, we do not need plastic at all. In other cases, we can just reduce its consumption.

Here are some of the simplest ways to eliminate plastic from your life:

Use a reusable bag

This is a basic and simple thing that can reduce the use of plastic bags by up to several dozen pieces per month!

Buy fruit and vegetables in bulk

Producers are packaging fruit and vegetables in plastic containers or plastic bags. To eliminate this incomprehensible procedure! Always choose only those fruits and vegetables that are “loose” and pack them to your reusable bag.

Replace shower gel with soap

Choose bar soap and cardboard packaging instead of unnecessary plastic.

Drink water from a reusable bottle

This way we will have our own healthy and clean water. We will not only help the environment but also save a lot of money! Forget also about carrying heavy water bottles from the store.

Give up the straw

When ordering a drink, inform the bartender or waiter that you are not using a straw.

Don’t use disposable cutlery

Choose a wooden one instead of a plastic cutlery. It won’t break and will last longer.

Replace your toothbrush

Instead of a traditional plastic toothbrush, choose a bamboo one.

Save garbage bags

Try to make full use of the garbage bag and only replace it when it is really full.