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In many everyday situations, we do not need plastic at all. In other cases, we can just reduce its consumption. Here are some of the simplest ways to eliminate plastic from your life: Use a reusable bag This is a basic and simple thing that can reduce the use of plastic bags by up to several dozen pieces per month! Buy fruit and vegetables in bulk Producers are packaging fruit and vegetables in plastic containers or plastic bags. To eliminate this incomprehensible procedure! Always choose only those fruits and vegetables that are “loose” and pack them to your reusable bag....

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5 ways to be eco-friendly during and after lockdown   The coronavirus shutdown has already cleared the roads of rush hour traffic as people across the nation ditch their daily commute to work, resulting in reduced air pollution. Still millions are isolated at home, we can use the hours usually spent commuting to boost this environmental silver lining. Here is how to make eco-friendly choices while staying at home and for the rest of your life:   1. Grow your own veg If you have got a garden, or even a window ledge where you can keep house plants, why...

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