Bamboo wireless charger

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Power input: DC9V / 1A-2A
Power output: DC9V / 1A-2A
Transmission distance: <0.6MM
Charging efficiency:> 70%

Transmitter power: 10W fast charge 10W + 7.5W support Apple 7.5 + 5W (compatible)
Appearance material: bamboo

Product size: diameter 100 * thickness 9mm
use .

Why do you need wireless charging?

Compared with traditional wired charging, wireless charging has several advantages. You have to choose its advantages:

1. There is no tangling of wires, simple and beautiful, looks comfortable, and has a higher quality of life;
2. Do not need to plug and unplug frequently, and it can be charged immediately, which is convenient and fast, so that your mobile phone will never lack power;
3. Don't worry about the incompatibility between Samsung and Apple's connectors, wireless chargers that support Qi and other standards can be charged;
4. There is no risk of electric shock from charging and answering the phone, completely avoiding the safety issue, and you can answer the call at any time;
5, make the battery work longer life, because the battery is charged and discharged, so that the battery is not short of power, the battery life is longer.
6, do not need a wired interface, many products can be made fully enclosed waterproof products


The Bamboo wireless charger was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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