Bamboo Pet Feeder Ceramic Bowl Raised Stand (new)

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1. This cat/dog food stand bowl is made from bamboo which have high water resistance properties. It prevents your pet from sliding bowls around and provide protection for your floors.
2. Keeps everything cleaner and easy to clean. Using these elevated pet feeders keeps the feeding area cleaner which is essential to a sanitary life. Furthermore, the pet dishes being elevated are easier to clean. Just simply wipe the surface of the feeder table clean.
3. Allow  you pets to swallow easily. This elevated dog dish provide ease of access to food and water which can help facilitate movement of food when traveling from the mouth to the stomach. Consuming food from raised dog feeder places less strain on the dog's neck, hips, shoulders and joints, which promotes better posture.
4. Ceramics bowl included. They are durable, sanitary, rust-free, non-leaching and dishwasher safe.
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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 20, 2024